Class Descriptions


Gainesville Circus Center offers empowering and fun classes in all things circus, including aerial dance  and ground acrobatics. Plus, our selection of world dance classes helps you achieve grace and rhythm — plus a great cardio workout! We also have basic core conditioning and flexibility classes. 

• Note: Not all classes are running at this time. Please visit our Schedule and Registration page to see current offerings.

Circus Kids: Let your tiny acrobat explore the world of circus in a fun, colorful and safe environment.

From juggling, to silks, to trapeze, students work on a variety of circus skills throughout class! New  students practice basic concepts of balance and fine motor coordination on the ground and in the

air, preparing them for more advanced skills as they grow!

Cirque Fitness: Cirque Fitness uses a variety of aerial tools with a focus on strengthening and

conditioning the core muscles. Warm-up combines elements of yoga, pilates, dance and gymnastics

before students get a chance to climb and swing on the silks, trapeze, sling, and lyra. Students

do not need to have prior aerial experience to take this class. Students should be in good physical


Dance Fundamentals: Incorporates elements of jazz, modern and ballet, to teach students to move with elegance, and bring an awareness to dance basics. Focusing on beginner movement, core strength, and musicality, this class is perfect for the beginning dance student, or aerialist looking to lengthen their lines, and move confidently on the ground, as well as in the air. Come ready to move. No shoes required.

Flexibility: This class is great for aerialists and non-aerialists alike! Learn techniques to warm and prepare specific muscle groups for deep stretches. Learn static, dynamic and PNF stretching. Some intro-level contortion exercises for those bodies that are ready!

Flying Trapeze: This classic circus skill is for the adrenaline junkies. Learn to fly through the air as our instructors guide you from take-off to landing safely in the net. This demanding activity requires participants to climb a 20 foot ladder in order to reach the take-off platform. Students must be at least 40" tall with a maximum weight limit of 250lbs. OBS: flying trapeze is located at our satellite school: Two Hawk Hammock in Williston. 

Handstands 101: Learn everything you need to develop a straight, stable, freestanding handstand in a clear step by step manner. Class covers many different skills and drills for participants to take home and build a solid foundation for freestanding handstand development.


Intro to Aerial: This class teaches foundations of aerial dance on silks, trapeze, lyra, and sling. Students warm up with a mixture of yoga, dance and gymnastics before practicing on the aerial equipment. This is the best choice for first time students, and a good class to keep returning to until you have mastered the foundations of aerial.

Level 1 Silks or Lyra: Level 1 technique courses refine foundations learned from Intro to Aerial, and explore beginner level skills and combinations on the apparatus specific to each class.

Level 1.5 Silks: Make the leap from Level 1 into Level 2 with confidence by stopping off at Level 1.5. Condition inversions and wraps for air awareness. 

Level 2 Silks or Lyra: Level 2 classes introduce intermediate & advanced figures, spins and drops. There is a strong focus on choreography and stamina.

Levels Checkout: Check your skill level before moving into that next class. Whether you are looking to move from Intro to Level 1 or Level 1 to Level 2, drop-in checkout (held every other month) to test your skills. 

Mixed Apparatus: This class covers intermediate climbs, figures, swings and drops on aerial silks, trapeze, lyra and hammock. Students can always look forward to something new, while cross training on various types of aerial apparatus. Students must have a strong foundation (master intro to aerial) before taking this class.

Mommy & Me Yoga: Yoga for mom & baby. Class designed for pre-crawlers & crawlers ages 3 - 9 months. Gently strengthen & stretch your body while bonding with your baby. This is a judgement free zone. There will be laughing. There will be crying. There will be dirty diapers! 

Open Gym: Students must have instructor permission and adhere to open gym guidelines. Open Gym allows students to train skills they have learned in class. Students must work on skills at their level. Open Gym monitors reserve the right to refuse anyone to practice if they are not working safely. Students must pay close attention to pulley systems and mats while working in open gym. The only teaching that can take place during open gym is regarding the proper use of pulleys & mats. Students may not request instructors for technical skill training. Students may not co-teach one-another in open gym.

Samba: This Brazilian dance class is full of sassy hip swivels and fast foot work. Samba will open your heart, make you sweat, and teach you to flow with confidence across any dance floor, catwalk or conference room. 

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